Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let’s TIE Things Up

As you may know, my baby graduated. I will be posting about that as soon as we make it through the party. But I just had to post about our tie deal of the century. For our oldest daughter’s graduation, Sweet Man, got a matching tie with school colors. Seeing as he does not wear a suit very often, he has a limited (probably 3) supply of ties. He does have 2 really nice suits, but I am thinking that wearing a suit for a man who does not normally wear one, is like women wearing pantyhose, not going to happen often.

We were out and about for dinner and a movie, using some awesome gift cards we received for our 25th wedding anniversary, when I saw a Jos. A. Bank and said, oh let’s go in there and find a tie for our baby's graduation. 18 is still baby right? Especially if she is your last :(
They had a pretty decent selection, and those selections also had a pretty decent price :/
As we were leaving the store, Sweet Man spotted the clearance section (have I trained him right or what?). There was a basket on top with a hand full of ties. Our graduate said  “this one is pretty”. It was gold with blue and maroon dots (which happen to be her school colors). I was like "it is pretty"!! I do not think ties are suppose to be pretty, but it was pretty. 
There was no price and the other ties in the basket were marked down to $29.99 and $39.99. So I asked the sales associate how much the clearance price was, he got to the computer and said “oh, you are going to want this tie”. I am wondering how much I wanted the tie. He said I have never seen a tie this low here before. It was…. Drum Roll….. $7.49!! Yep, $7.49!!! Our tie searching was over before it even started.  Since there was no price at all, I said, “just curious, how much is the reg price?” He replied, well this is from our Signature Collection, so it is reg $89.99. Now at my calculations that is 91.68% off, how does that calculation even come to play? Well no matter, how (um, God), we got this awesome tie at 91.68% off regular price!!!!

Tie Steal, I mean Deal of the year!

Now as we were walking away from the store, I told Sweet Man, "I gotta get a picture of you wearing the tie." He says with a smile “just the tie”. I saved that picture for ME. But here is my handsome man making that tie look like the FULL price of $89.99…..

He makes that tie look like we paid $89.99!!

Peace, Love and EnJoy

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