Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graduation, A Time For Reflection

As our youngest daughter is getting ready to graduate high school, it has become a bitter sweet reflection of my personal life and the journey God has allowed me to take with her.
There was a picture I was trying so hard to find, and still have not, but through that, I went through 100s of other photos. My heart aches, it aches for wasted time, joyful moments of long ago, laughter, tears, but most of all, the little girl who could sit in my lap for hours and promised never to grow up. I have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. And as hard as it was when our oldest daughter graduated, it is even harder for me now. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are many more memories ahead, but it is a new chapter, turning the page on something we will never experience again. And although I know that there will be grandchildren one day, there is something special about your own. And if you have not taken the time to breath those moments in, you have missed a sweet, sweet smell.
In case you have missed previous posts, this is my baby:

I am enjoying celebrating her and celebrating her accomplishments. Both of my girls have allowed me the joy of planning and preparing most every event in their lives. Now it is time to plan for her graduation party. When I get an idea, I hardly stop until I complete it. So here is the invitation I came up with:

Fun right??? If you want instructions, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to share. 
My baby girl has accomplished many things: she is a member of the National Honor Society, she has over 800 hours of high school community service, She has played soccer since she was 3 years old, being Captain of her high school soccer team in her senior year, she has participated and excelled in the National Forensics league, check out her trophies:

She is a Member of the Thespian Society, the vice president of the Drama Club, The Drama Student of the Year at her high school for 2011-2012:

She also was named Wekiva High School 
2011-2012 Thespian of the Year:

She sings for her high school youth group, she has a heart as big as the moon. But none more important than her love and drive for God. He has big plans for her!! Make no mistake, she WILL go out and make disciples, she is not afraid of speaking the Truth, but she is so loving about the words. Even though my heart aches for the little girl who could sit on my lap , my heart is aching for the life she has ahead and the journey she will take me and many others on.

Abi, I could not be prouder of the little girl you were, the woman you are becoming and the young Lady you are right now…… Mommy

Peace and EnJoy

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  1. Wow!! I couldn't help but tear up reading this.. Abi is truly an amazing person and I'm so proud to have watched her grow up and to know your family. You all inspire me with the love you share. Congratulaions to all of you!!! xoxoxoxo