Friday, June 15, 2012

How Could This Be?

My Baby graduated last week.. And we had a celebration of her Saturday. Such a fun time, seeing people that love her, come and support the little girl she was and the woman she is becoming. We had such a blessed time with our friends and family.

Any reason to have a party and I am ALL in especially if it means celebrating one of life’s most memorable seasons. I thank God for the journey He has taken me on, because it has led me right where I am. Without the bad, there would not be the great, without the sorrow, there would not be the laughter and without the hurt, there would not be the healing. Just like when you take remnants of fabric, some might be scraps, some might be old clothes, some might be special memories, and some may be something someone else has given you but all of these things sewn up turns into most beautiful quilt. I think my quilt is amazing!! And I am still adding to it, as long as God will have me here on Earth. I hope even after I am gone, that lives I have touched, continue to add to the quilt. Wrapping generations in comfort and love, above all.
Here is a sampling of my quilt from my little girl:

Abi, memories

The graduation was held at the UCF Arena. A high school’s friend, dear wife works for a local paper and took this photo for me. Thank you Tammy!!:

The speeches were beautiful! The class president, Gates, I am sure brought a tear to each momma’s eye in the arena. He expressed that he hopes to find a wife just like his mom one day.. How precious! I was amazed however at how ugly some people can be. One of the “workers” at the arena threatened to have security carry someone out because they were saving a seat for people parking. REALLY? And during the valedictorian’s speech, a couple behind us was carrying on a full voiced conversation. Tell me please, why do people not get the hint with the angry eye. Maybe I should work on this technique in the mirror. And then there is the fact that we have to pay to park to watch our children graduate. Other than that, the day was beautiful. I got to hoop and holler for my girl!! And did not get arrested, did you hear about that mom? I got to cry, laugh and celebrate my baby!! 
How blessed am I?!?!
Here is my graduate:

Abi, graduation

The party was such a time of fellowship and of course, food. We decided to have a nacho bar, and boy was it a hit. 

Party time!!

Abi got some beautiful gifts. Some sentimental, some to showcase her achievements and some, well, cold hard cash! Her sister even put together a survival kit for life, which was very entertaining and thoughtful. If you look carefully at the picture above, you can see Dani cracking herself up on the sofa arm while Abi is opening her "kit". 
Here is some sisterly love:

Sisters, feel the love!!!

She was blown away by everyone’s love, support and generosity.
My last post, I shared the poem I wrote for my oldest baby girl. Here is the one I wrote for Abi:

How Could This Be?
*How could it be that we get to see,
What a beautiful woman you have grown up to be?
*What a blessing, that we were gifted you,
For a short time to until you start new?
*How could He make such beauty in one,
How could He give us not the moon but the whole sun?
*Since the time you became ours to hold,
You have stood apart, proud and bold!
*You were the cutest little daisy we ever did see,,
You played a dinosaur oh so perfectly!
*You made fishing a most memorable event,
The 3 Fs should have been our first hint!
*We can still see you standing proudly wearing your badge,
Taking so seriously, the responsibility you had.
*Soccer became something you loved to do,
You mentored many others to follow you..
*From picking flowers and singing a cute song,
To becoming Captain, did not seem so long.
*Then there is your love for Our Father Above,
Our hearts swell with pride, joy and love.
*For He knows the plans He has for you,
Big, Beautiful plans that we get to view!
*You were gifted with a voice that matches no other,
It makes hearts light up, especially those of your father and mother.
*You, dear child are music to our ears,
Not just your voice makes us stand up and Cheer!
*You give your heart in all you do,,
Sealed with love and a few tears too!
*We have enjoyed every moment and memory,
And know that there so much more to see.
So How can it be that WE 
get to share all of this with you?

Blessings come in many forms, I thank God for all of my blessings, including, my family and our friends. I hope I touch them with a small amount of how they touch me. 
Together we make a beautiful quilt.
Peace, Love and EnJoy

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