Friday, June 8, 2012

Once Upon A Time

Time is nothing but a whisper, a blink of the eye, a word you forgot to speak, it goes by so fast here on earth. As a Christian, I have an eternity to look forward to. Life of earth will be time, a dot unseeable by the eye. So what do me we do with time? 

We make the most of it before it passes us by. Missing out on times, means you miss out on memories. I hope and pray that I am creating enough memories. Especially to those I touch. As we are in preparing for our youngest daughter’s graduation and her celebration, I came across my oldest daughters pictures and mementos from her graduation. I wanted to share the poem I wrote to go in her “about me” card we gave out for her party. And you guessed it, I have one for my baby, but that will have to wait til next time, as it has not debuted yet.
This is a card and picture my daughter gave me for Mother;s day. The picture is in her bridal suite before her wedding. She said this is her favorite picture of us. Although this is a top runner in my book, I have other that are my favorite, especially the ones of her asleep in my arms.

Once Upon A Time...
*Once upon a time, 
there lived a family in the woods,
A mom, dad and 2 little girls there stood.

*The oldest daughter was a princess you see,
Tall, beautiful, smart as could be.

*She started out as a tiny little seed
,What started out as two soon became three.

*Times where hard and
 a little tough to get through.

How this fairy tale would end, 
no one really knew.

*New found joy, pride and help from above,
She showed her parents a different kind of love.

*First day of school, first fall on her bike,
Learning to swim, too many trails to hike.

.*A daughter, one of grand, a niece, 
a cousin she was,
Soon a bigger title would make her all the buzz.

*Now her family had become four,
An only child she would be  no more.

.*A big sister she has now become
A new kind of love she feels has just begun.

*School, Friends, sports and family
Would only add to the young woman she will be.

*But what has she done to all that have crossed her paths with her along the way,
She would leave a smile on their hearts,
that will always stay.

*She is a friend, a love and a mentor,
A ray of sunshine to all that meet her.

*Now she was not born into royalty,
So how can she be a princess, how can this be?

*A princess is much more than a crown and a robe,
She is the joy, pride, love and life to behold

.*There is not an ending to this fairy tale,
The princess, her ship has only begun to sail.

*God has plans for her that 
no book could foresee,
He knows where her journeys 
will take her eternally.

.*All we can do now is sit back and 
wait the the next edition,
For the world is her vessel, 
her passion, her ambition.

*Go on this journey,  stand out in a crowd
Make your mark on this world, 
make us all proud!

Peace, Love and EnJoy

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