Monday, June 23, 2014

Life is Full of Firsts

As a mom of 2 girls, My mind has always been set at dresses, barbies and bows. I was a girl scout leader of 2 troops for 10 years, my husband has coached girls soccer for 15+ years. It has always been all about girls at my house.
My girls playing soccer was the closest I got to boy stuff. So when my friend asked me about doing an invitation for her son’s 2nd Birthday party, I was all in. I love a challenge. I love my friend. So consider it done. She had a Tonka party for him. Here is the invite I came up with!

My oldest daughter has always been a very girlie girl. We never even considered having a boy. She WAS having a girl. Period. End of story. So much to our surprise that she was having a boy, we never even thought it was a possibility.
It seems that God thought we needed a boy in the family. Turns out, this little guy is exactly what our family needed I could not be more excited about the next chapter in our lives having a grandson, there will be so many firsts for all of us. 
He turned 8 weeks yesterday.

 This is one happy Glammy!

Peace, Love and EnJoy

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mustache and BowTies Baby Shower Part Three

In case you missed part one and two of my Mustache and BowTies Blog:
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My sister and I have been living our lives seperately for a few years, time goes by you get caught up in your own lives then suddenly you realize how very important family is. I am so glad that for the last few years we have made each other a priority. Barely a week goes by now that we don't text, talk or see each other and of course facebook makes daily communication a must!!
My sister graciously wanted to be part of the events leading up to the shower, so she flew in a few days before. She worked tirelessly on shower surprises for Dani.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Mustache and BowTies Baby Shower Part Two

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We had a series at church about legacies. The definition of legacy is something handed down. Legacies are not always a material object. They can be a tradition or memories. There is an app called Marble Legacy. It counts down the weekends that you have left with your child until he/she graduates high school.