Monday, January 20, 2014

Things 2013 Taught Me

"Always take the road less traveled, it will bring you to places you would have never seen" LHM
Photo credit to Keaton Photography

If your year didn’t teach you something, was it all for nothing? I don’t believe “anything” is for “nothing”. Whether it be trials or joys, we have to take something away from the situation. Sometimes it feels like we just can’t handle another day, but we have a great promise in our Creator that we will bear suffering but there is always a way out. He tells us that our time lost will be replaced to the fullest. So in the midst of suffering, remember there will be a clearing and it will be wonderful. Just as spring comes out of winter, we will come out of our suffering.
This year has been one of trials and great joys.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Be All That God Has Called You To Be

I am seeing more and more young ladies acting not so lady like. Especially young Christian Ladies.
Ladies, you are called to stand apart from the world not fall right it. People should be able to tell who you by the way you look, behave, talk and the pictures you post. Being young and wanting to have "fun" is no excuse, you can have all the fun you want as long as it is a reflection of Christ.