Friday, June 6, 2014

Mustache and BowTies Baby Shower Part Two

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We had a series at church about legacies. The definition of legacy is something handed down. Legacies are not always a material object. They can be a tradition or memories. There is an app called Marble Legacy. It counts down the weekends that you have left with your child until he/she graduates high school.
You can also fill a jar with the number of marbles until graduation. You throw a marble a week away. I decided to get 2 jars and have Dani, my daughter, transfer them, then one day she can give the jars to Danny for his first baby. According to the app, Danny has 886 weekends until he graduates. Now of course that can change depending upon the actual graduation or if they are held back or advance forward. I gave her the extra marbles just in case. I went for the fancier marbles in the floral section, the kind you can use in vases. I decided to go with the beautiful Bell canning jars I needed something large enough, sturdy enough and that had a lid. Afterall I want this to last year for 18 years. The point of the marble legacy is to be aware of the number of weekends you have with your children and to make them count! As I sat in church hearing this message, I had each of my girls sitting next to me, both had graduated and I just lost it. My youngest held my hand and I said I have already lost all my marbles. I look back and that statement is true in more than one way.

I gave out a “welcoming pack” to each guest as they came in the door.  It said:

Please shave your Stache and Lips for later
We ask that you wear your Bowtie
But be careful, you could loose it
if you are caught saying the word baby
If you hear someone saying "baby" you may steal their tie
In a very gentlemanly fashion please
The person wearing the most ties
will take home a very special prize

It included Lips, Mustache, a game card for later and a bowtie clothes pin. You wear your clothes pin and avoid saying baby, if someone catches you saying baby, they get your bowtie. The person with the most bowties at the end of the shower wins!

Games, I am really good at them, I usually win things. I am a bit competitive like that. So I really don’t mind cheesy shower games. Although I have to say some are WAY to out there. Like the chocolate bar melted in the diaper and you have to pass it around to look and smell what it is. GROSS. Don’t do that! Since we were having a gentlemanly affair, I wanted the games to reflect the theme. One game was Guess How Many Diapers. I had cards the guests could put their answer and name on. This could be done in their own time during the shower.

Not a game but something to do, I had bowties and a bucket for people to write a “Bucket List” of things to do with Danny before he grows up. Unfortunately I don't seem to have a picture of this, if anyone that was there took one, please send it to me ;)

The only “group” game we played was “Who Said It”. I gave out mustache and lips on a stick and a card to circle their answers. I asked mom and dad separately questions about the pregnancy and child rearing. 2 of the questions, they both answered the same. So those were ‘trick’ questions. But the guests held up their respective sticks for their answers and circled their card to keep track. It was a cute interaction with everyone.

No Mustache and Bowtie party would be complete without playing “Who’s Stache” game. I even threw in a surprise guest, daddy to be! This was also a game that was played at leisure with guests writing their answers on the paper and putting it in a bowl.

The decorations were a fun part of the planning of the shower, it all somehow came together.

I made a Wreath for the door using burlap, a wreath form, chevron ribbons and the bowties I made early on.

My favorite part was making the Ribbon Corsages. I tried to incorporate all of the themes and colors in the Corsages. I made one for Mommy,


Auntie Abi

 Great Auntie Loraine (I will tell about her visit in the next post),

And Great Grandma

Thanks for checking out part two, look forward to my final post on the food and gifts!

Peace, Love and EnJoy


  1. Good post! I am glad I came across this wonderful post. I attended a fair last week in venue NYC and I have so many good ideas now for decorating venues and houses beautifully. This is an amazing post and I simply loved going through it.