Monday, June 23, 2014

Life is Full of Firsts

As a mom of 2 girls, My mind has always been set at dresses, barbies and bows. I was a girl scout leader of 2 troops for 10 years, my husband has coached girls soccer for 15+ years. It has always been all about girls at my house.
My girls playing soccer was the closest I got to boy stuff. So when my friend asked me about doing an invitation for her son’s 2nd Birthday party, I was all in. I love a challenge. I love my friend. So consider it done. She had a Tonka party for him. Here is the invite I came up with!

My oldest daughter has always been a very girlie girl. We never even considered having a boy. She WAS having a girl. Period. End of story. So much to our surprise that she was having a boy, we never even thought it was a possibility.
It seems that God thought we needed a boy in the family. Turns out, this little guy is exactly what our family needed I could not be more excited about the next chapter in our lives having a grandson, there will be so many firsts for all of us. 
He turned 8 weeks yesterday.

 This is one happy Glammy!

Peace, Love and EnJoy