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What is your legacy.....

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We are finishing up a series with Home Builders called Building your marriage to last. It was a 7 week series. It does not matter if you have been married 2 months or 50 years, you have to work on it. I so encourage you to belong to a life group for couples if you are married. Your marriage is worth it.

Sweet man and I had to figure things out ourselves, we did not have examples of a loving marriage or family. Not that is necessary a bad thing, it has made us stronger than ever. There was no calling and getting advice from our parents, we had no strong couples to look up to. So the mistakes we made were ours, the "fixes" we had was ours. And now to be able to facilitate a marriage group and bring that to the group, is just a blessing. We love marriages, we want marriages to work. Love is a choice, period. Not to say that if you are in danger, there should be no hesitation in contacting authorities. Referring to Romans 13:1 and 1 Peter 2 13-15. Our last chapter in the series was Building a Legacy. I long for knowing about my heritage. I can not tell you much, really nothing at all. All I really know is "how messed up my family is". I do not know how hard they worked, if they loved God, if they are with him now, if they loved their spouses, if they were someone famous. I hear tells but nothing that is consistent, no names, no faces, no heritage. It is like they did not exist. I know they existed  because I am here. I am for sure on one part of my heritage, I am here because of Him. God is my heritage, for that I take comfort.

But the most important part is Legacy. What is my legacy, I hope that people will remember me as the woman who overcame much and she came through it with love. Like many, mine is not a pretty story. It involves emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse and mental abuse. It involves being scared, crying yourself to sleep, thinking God forgot about me, thinking people forgot about me. HOWEVER, there is good news, there is no doubt I could have been killed by my abusers, had what happened to me when I was a small child happened today, I am sure of it. SO when I say I have overcome much, I truly mean it. Of course there are many more details. Details I try to forget but if I forget how can I minister to others, how can I heal? So the glory goes to God when there is someone who comes into my life with a problem and I can show them there is hope.
Now, if I ask many of my friends what they think my legacy is, I will most defiantly get the following, cooking, baking, entertaining, love, joy, happiness. I am good with that legacy too. The legacy you leave is determined by the influences you have on your physical and spiritual descendants, via homebuilders principles. How beautiful is that. We have a responsibility to our children and God's children. According to
Deuteronomy 6:4-9, parents are to tell and SHOW God's truth to their children in the midst of everyday living. I want my children to know that I believe what I say, if I say one thing and live another, how is that an example.

I have 2 questions for you: What would your legacy be if it were based on your life only through today? and What do you want your legacy to be? If those 2 are far apart, you have some work to do. Don't wait, what we have is today, tomorrow may be too late.
Here is my Legacy
Me and my girls
Ok, I can not go without sharing with you a simple yet yummy bbq slower cooker recipe I made last night. It is so incredibly good, your stomach and your family will thank you.

Slow Cooker BBQ
finished product

 This recipe is so simple, wait for it...3 ingredients, yep you heard me, 3. That's it!
 1 pork or beef loin or roast (I use lean cut pork)
1 package of dry Italian dressing mix
1 jar of banana peppers
   (up to you if they are hot or mild)
in the pot
Put the roast in the crock pot early in the morning on high, check sometime mid afternoon, if it is falling apart (use a fork to pull it apart), it is ready. Turn your crock pot to low until ready to serve. You can easily double this recipe as I did. Do NOT leave out the banana peppers, they are essential.
It is so juicy and tender, you can add your favorite bbq sauce if you like. You may need a fork for this one.

Slow Cooker BBQ Recipe: Diane's Slow Cooker BBQ

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