Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just when you needed it the most......

Bad days are just that, bad! Depending upon your version of the bible, God gives us reference of joy appx 250 times. He wants us to be joyful. SO why do we let people steal our joy?

Slugs steal your joy when they eat away at the spirit of the fruit. I hate slugs, they are slimy, leaving behind a nastiness that is hard to get rid of. In a garden, they can leave a trail of destruction, the best way to take care of them is to throw down some salt and they will wither away. In your life you can throw down the Word and they will become less and He will be more. Although that is easier said than done (believe me I know), it is true. Instead of letting that slug eat it's way into your soul and leave a bitterness that overpowers the sweetness of the fruit dancing on your tongue, think of those sweet fruits that are in us. They are a gift. They are a gift from the greatest giver. Song of Solomon 2:15 says: then you must protect me from the foxes, foxes on the prowl, foxes who would like nothing better than to get into our flowering garden (the message).
I was so very reminded of this truth yesterday. I let a slug (fox) steal my joy. MY gift, I just let someone take it. I wanted it back! And just when I needed it most, I was reminded in great detail of my fruits. ALL of them. Ever feel that you invest so much and never see the rewards? They really aren't ours to see. Just like that garden, we plant seeds and we may never see them sprout, for various reasons.. Sometimes they never take, sometimes they get blown away. But they are there and they could take sprout. You may never even realize.
As I was doing some weeding next to our back door, I noticed that my ligustrum tree did not look quite right, as I investigated further I knew it was not right:
It is a lemon tree!! The only explanation I have is I planted it without even realizing. We have many gatherings at our home. I love to entertain., It is one of my gifts. There are many occasions I either make lemonade or I have lemons available for tea. This is usually the place I dump out the containers or cups left (yes people leave their cups for me to clean up :/ ). I am sure there was a seed that was planted because of my actions and now I have about a 4ft lemon tree!!! I plan on transplanting that tree, it really is not in a good location, but that is another story. My point is, here i planted a seed and it grew. A seed I was not ever aware of!! And I got the see the result!!!
I love facebook, it is such a great opportunity to keep up with friends (old and new alike), family, events. It can also contain slugs, one which ran across my fruit yesterday. JUST WHEN I NEEDED IT MOST, I was blessed. I got to see a seed grow.. One that we (sweet man and I) really did not think too much of. We were doing what we always do, not knowing of the difference, not knowing it mattered, not knowing the outcome. I received a post from one of our sweet kiddos. She was graduating and asked if she scored tickets (yes in Central Florida, you have to have a ticket and are allowed only so many), would we come to see her graduate. I immediately teared up when I saw it and responded a quick, YES!!! Well, that was not the end of it.....
Yas played soccer for my sweet man. We all came to know her and love her. She started calling us mom and dad. As a matter of fact I do not ever remember a time of her calling me anything else. I really did not think too much of our influence on her. We have encouraged her, loved her and supported her. But no more than our own children or any of the many other children we love. We are blessed with the fact that over the years, we have had many kids come in and out of our lives, between coaching soccer (appx 17 years of experience there), leading girl scouts, youth groups, etc. And sometimes you just do not think you make a difference. The 3 of us went (me, sweet man and Abi). We knew many of the children there. But we were there to support our daughter and sister. Yas happens to be the president of her senior class. Her campaign slogan was "Yas you can". She had the honor of giving a speech just before the young men and women of Ocoee High School took the stage to cross over to a new chapter in each of their lives. As we sat there listening to Yas, I was thinking how very proud I am of her. She is amazing. She is entertaining, loving, energetic and well, Yas. Yas started to thank a few people. Much to our surprise, she thanked us. As we all sat there tearing up (yes, sweet mans eyes got watery), all I could think of was what did I do? I just loved her, no different than anyone else. Yet this seed took, she has grown into a beautiful woman. I am so very proud. BTW, my baby is going to be a doctor!!! Here is Yas:
Coach and Yas

Me and Yas

Ours girls, Yas and Abi
Yas has no idea what she did for us last night. She let me have my joy back. She gave me something I needed. She replaced sorrow with love. She made me realize "Yas I can". We love you Yas! Btw, we were going to tell you that you owed us $5 for parking (yes people, they make you pay to park to watch your child graduate). But you don't need to worry about it now :P . HAHA!!
I want to share with you something as sweet as our night. This is a luscious, yet simple, Banana Ice Cream Pie. Think of Yas when you have this, think of the sweetness of a child. One that you may never know you touched but yet they are out there. And if someone has touched your life, make sure you tell them. You may never know how your words will change their lives or a situation they are battling. Pick up the phone, get in your car, do it, NOW.
Peace and Love.....
Banana Ice Cream Pie

This is an incredibly quick recipe, just make sure you have enough time for the pies to freeze 2 hours

2 Graham Cracker Crusts
2 large boxes (or 4 small) of instant banana pudding
2 cups of milk
1 1/2 quart container of ice cream (I prefer Blue Bunny)
3-4 cups (one small container of whipped topping)
toffee candy chips (can buy the bag crushed in baking isle)
caramel sauce
Mix thoroughly milk and pudding, blend in banana pudding mix. Fold in vanilla ice cream. divide evenly between the 2 crusts. 1/2 the whipped topping between the pies and spread. Place in freezer.
Cut slices, drizzle caramel over top and sprinkle with toffee chips.
Diane's Banana Ice Cream Pie Printable: Diane's Banana Ice Cream Pie

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