Thursday, March 16, 2023

Some of us have had tough lives!

Some of us have had tough lives!

I share my struggles of childhood abuse, sexual abuse. Physical abuse and emotional abuse because if I inspire one person, that is good enough.

Some will never know what it’s like to go hungry or be scared every single day of your life, not having any support system and trying to break the cycle with our own kids.

As hard as we try, they have to go out in the world and the world gobbles them up into selfishness, hate, anger, even towards the family that has loved and supported them.

Thus the cycle continues.

There is nothing parents can do to ward it off.

So we are left with tears, heartache and abandonment.

Be careful of who you encourage and congratulate. You dont know the whole story, you don’t know the heartache. The suffering, the abuse.

Don’t judge unless you are ready to be judged.

Anyone worth their weight would encourage reconciliation not abandonment. Stop feeding into that. You are part of the problem.

This world is hard enough without your two cents LHM

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