Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tutus and Tiaras Baby Shower

Glammy x2, that is now my life. Preparing for this little did not take the effort preparing for the first grandbaby did. I think because you see the importance of the experience instead of making everything perfect for when they arrive. But I could not let her get here without giving her a grand welcoming party. 

My youngest daughter is the tutu making queen. If you haven’t already checked out her Etsy Shop, you should. She does amazing work.
That means the Tutu part of the theme came easy. Since she was going to be a girl, you better believe she will be a real life princess. Tiaras it is!
Hosting a fabulous party is like Christmas morning. You work all month, planning, buying, making, doing and it is all over in the matter of a few minutes. Or so it seems. After Christmas, my planning, buying, making and doing started. I made 80 jars of Strawberry Jam. I had made Blueberry for little man’s shower. And yeah me, strawberries were in season and beautifully ripe. It took a whole day in the kitchen and all but 2 of my jars popped. They went straight to the fridge. Anyone who cans, knows how wonderful that popping sound is! I used my amazing Pampered Chef kitchen tools to make the process oh so easy.

Luckily, canning was something that could be done in advance. So that took a little pressure off baby shower week.

Now for decorations. I at one point as I was up to my neck in tulle, I felt like Julia Roberts' character, Shelby. Blush and Bashful became my signature colors. I made tutu lights, tutus table skirts, tutu basket skirts and more! I also made adorable tutu princess pins for Mommy, Auntie, Great Auntie and Glammy. Those probably took the most time and the most burnt fingers.

My daughter made the wreath for the front door and the tutus around the Mommy to be table and chair:

And of course we had to make sure everyone had tiaras!

 Anyone that has ever been to my house, knows how I love to cook. I believe that food should not only taste good but look good. I also try to make things that my guests like. And since this was my daughter’s shower, I had to make some great things just for her. 
I  made mac and cheese cups, I did these in muffin pans and transferred them to cupcake sleeves.

It could not be a party without scones, I made Strawberries and Cream Scones:

Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies
Lemon Drop Cookies
Mini Meringue Pedestals

Watermelon Salad with a Balsamic Reduction

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
My special Chicken Salad Croissants
Cucumber Rounds with Herbed Cream Cheese

We had a Raspberry Tea, Hot Tea, Coffee
and a Perfectly Pink Punch

To say the food was a hit is an understatement. All homemade, all beautiful. And all had handmade labels for the guests.

Games, oh my, this is a tough one. Honestly, I detest many of the games played at showers. Some are very distasteful. I try to make games fun for everyone but also optional.
At our little man’s shower I did a “guess the stache” game:
That obviously meant that I had to do a ‘who wore the tiara” game. It was fun finding famous people wearing tiaras. I had daddy to be on the stache game so I had mommy to be on the tiara game. Which people guessed correctly but I had so many guess that I was number 2, nope that was Paris Hilton.

I also did an at your own time, what is on my phone game. You filled the paper out and added up points.

 Winners of both games walked away with an adult coloring book and coloring pencils.

I think the favorite was my Make Baby Reese a Headband Station. Could not have been easier, I had a chart size, scissors, hotglue guns and lots of flowers and bands 
They have such beautiful sets. SO easy to do. It was a fun experience.

We kept our sweet Lucy on the guest bed. She is so precious but gets nervous when people come. 

The downside to hosting any gathering is counting on things that are out of your control. Such as the guest's attendance. We had appx 50 people RSVP. I had extras in case people brought guests. 20 came. That means I had SO much extra food, decorations, gifts, supplies. I had wrote on my FB page that community in being there for each other during our life events is so important. It is not about the presents but the presence. I personally feel that if you RSVP, that you have a responsibility to show up. Of course pending any unforeseen emergencies. People are counting on YOU! And chances are you are not the only one who didn’t show up. This shower is case in point. I had 5 messages that people sent during the shower saying they weren’t coming and of course the others, just never showed. In this day of social media, many people just don’t understand or comprehend being there for people in person.

I also shared a blog post on Hospitality on my FB page. It really is a forgotten art:

My sister came to help and enjoy her niece’s joy.

It warms my heart to have her part of such amazing events. And of course she had to stay so that we could get a few days of fishing in too! If you follow my FB page, Log Home Mom, you know how much I (we) love to fish!!

 We are blessed.

Our sweet Little Girl decided to join us 17 days early, she is the tiniest of blessings.

I hope you enjoyed the shower as much as we did, and if you indeed enjoyed it, please share it on FB with your friends.



    1. Thank you Grandma Nancy! It was so much fun!!