Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Owls Are Back!

Since we bought our home in 2005, we have been blessed with an abundance of wildlife, especially birds.
I have to say that the owls are my favorite. We will at first see daddy, then about 8 weeks later, we will see little heads bobbing up. Sometimes, we are even blessed to see momma but she is more elusive. While we have a couple of different varieties, the Screech Owls are the ones I am talking about today. I am convinced, not only does the original mommy and daddy come back each year but their babies are returning as well to start their families. Daddy oversees the nest during the day, starting guard as a valiant solider guarding the troops. He is unfazed by me coming to take pictures. He even seems to pose for me a time or two.Screech Owls are typically 7-10 inches tall, with an incredible wing span of 18-24 inches! The colors are anywhere from browns to greys. They tend to pick an environment that they camouflage well in. Typically our males have been brown and the females grey. The babies normally are grey when small. They come quickly and no sooner do we see our babies, they are gone just as fast.
Please enjoy our feathered friend!

Peace, Love and EnJoy!

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