Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Morning Wonders

Sweet Man and I went for a walk around our property. before he headed out this morning. Mainly to look at the blueberry and blackberry patch he made me. We have a topsy turvy that we tried last year to grow tomatoes and herbs, unsuccessfully. A few weeks ago, he decided to plant a few strawberries in it. 

Well shortly thereafter, we noticed the making of a bird's nest. I am in awe of momma birds and their perfect splendor of creating such a wonderfully made home for her babies. A week or so ago we decided to look in and saw 4 eggs, tan with darker brown spots, I am almost certain it is a momma Cardinal.. Today I took a peek inside and this is what I saw. 

The pictures are not the greatest, it is certainly hard to focus with an iphone. I will get some more later. Without being too disruptive I saw 2 birdies but there certainly could be more. We have yet to see Mommy
Peace, Love and EnJoy

UPDATE as of 5pm 4-8-14

I went back out this afternoon to get more photos with my Canon Camera. As I approached the topsy turvy, momma flew out. I am sure that she is a brown wren. Upon inspection all 4 birds are in the nest! Their eyes are most certainly not opened, they just look like beautiful small black glass beads. I could not get a focused photo of the babies. They have fine gray downy feathers sticking out everywhere so my camera just could not focus on them. This is the best I can do right now.

April 9th
Took a walk out to the garden today. I was able to use my manual focus. They are really thriving! You can see one of their eyes is starting to open. They have such a great mommy!

Update on the babies 4-15-2014
I went out today and checked on the babies, they are no longer babies, as they have grown tremendously in this last week. They have feathers! As I approached the Strawberries, Momma flew out so I took the opportunity to look in, as I looked in, one had a HUGE worm in it's mouth. Scared me for a moment! I got a couple of good shots, the baby in the back looks a little jealous that his sibling got such a treat. But I am guessing he already got his. Momma is doing a fine job!



  1. We had a Carolina Wren make a nest and had baby chicks in my flowers by my front door last spring. It was so cool to see, but I really felt bad for the mama, she picked a horrible spot to make a nest! Every time we left the house/came home she flew into a tree about 10 ft. away and just squawked at us so loudly, you would have thought she was being tortured.

    1. I know, momma bird has been doing the same. I hope we have not disturbed her too much! I can not wait until the nest is empty, that means that they are off starting their own lives. But I do enjoy them so, as I can tell you do. Blessings....