Monday, July 2, 2012

TODAY in New York, New York Part 3

We had an early day on our third day in NY. Once again, my sweet friend Michele HOOKED us up!!! She connected me with her friend who is the Wardrobe Dresser for the Today Show weekend edition. We got there early Saturday in hopes of maybe getting some airtime while the show was still going, but it seemed everywhere we went, we missed the shot. However, it was still so fun seeing them do a live show. 

As we made our way in a side door, Deb met us with hugs and excitement!! She was precious, and had some great stories. She took us to her office across from the kitchen filming area. We had to wait as they were filming a New Years Eve cooking segment. They are not working on New Years, so it is done WAY in advance. Which was YUM for us, because we got to try everything they made!! SCORE!!! 

All of the anchors came and met us, they were so sweet. Especial Lester Holt. Such a nice man.
What a great treat being able to see Rockefeller center from the Today Show’s view. We got to take pictures at the anchor’s desk area, we could not actually sit in the seats because as soon as the show is over, they cover everything up. It was an extra treat to be able to see all of the great Christmas set designs. She gave us all the ins and outs of the studio, it is amazing what all goes on in such a small space. Here is some of the pics we got!

Afterwards, we went to meet Michele’s daughter, Taylor and another friend Kate. These 2 beauties were in one of my girl scout troops many years ago. They were also super friends with my oldest beauty, Danielle. They have grown up to become GORGEOUS young women. My heart is so proud of each of them. Kate is working as a production assistant with a clothing designer, and she now spells her name KAIT J Taylor. Is following in her parents footsteps a bit, she just got her union card and has worked with many tv shows and movies, she is a wardrobe/film assistant. She still spells her name TAYLOR. As much as I know they are going to kill me for this, here are pics of them. I could not find one of just the 3 of them, so this is as close as I got to them together. I love you ladies and I can not wait to see what God does with the rest of your life, just do me a favor and slow down a little bit. You are all growing up way to fast J

After lunch we headed to Central Park. One word, MAGNIFICENT!!! So so pretty, I can not wait to see it in other seasons. Here are some sites:

We headed to the Metropolitan Museum, they ask an admission fee of $25 per person, however you can pay any amount you wish, even a dollar. You could spend days there, it is huge and is very crowded. But amazing all the same. We did not even make it through one small section, Egyptian Art.

We went out and took some pictures of the girls in Central Park:

It was now dark and we decided to visit FAO Schwarz, We walked up and at first glance had no idea that the line just to get in the store was around the corner. It took us about 20 minutes to get in, unbelievable!! It has everything, remember the piano from Big? It is there! Also, where else can you get a Barbie foosball table for $25,000? HAHA!! Here are some misc pics….

That about wraps up day 3, it was just as filling as all the others, we headed back for some more great food from Europan and watched a movie.
Stay tuned for our final day…………
Peace, Love and Enjoy!!!

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