Sunday, March 6, 2016

What Matters Most to You?

Adults often try not to make a big deal out of their own birthdays. As we get older, it is not just another day. It often is a reminder of a year gone too quickly. Things you didn’t accomplish, your children growing too fast, loosing loved ones and even ones we loved from afar. Although we don’t know our days left her on earth, God does. He knows.
The older we get, some of us get an urgency to do and go. Some of us come to realize what matters the most, at least to them. 
I have certainly always known, my family is so special. I adore all of them. They make me proud. I have gotten to see my sister more this past couple of years then the last century. As we have gotten older, we have come to rely on and appreciate each other more. My oldest daughter has become a wonderful wife, mother and friend, my son in law is going to school to better his career, my grandbaby is not such a baby any more, and this next year will make me a Glammy x2. My youngest daughter is a beautifully talented young woman and friend, although she will always be my baby. My husband works hard to provide our home, our livelihood, our fun. Being married to my best friend is the highlight of my time on earth.
My relationship with God is the reason I am me. I do pray that others see Him in me. I pray I am an example of the love and devotion He has shown me. He blesses me in ways I never thought possible.  
There were birthdays growing up that were forgotten by my parents.  That tears a child apart. A rip in the heart that is slow to heal. One that carries into the adults we become. I think that is why I have always tried to make my girl’s birthdays so very special. I could not imagine forgetting one.
Sunday church the day before my birthday was just as any other Sunday. So I thought. We get seated, we sing some worship songs, then we take a small handshaking, coffee refilling break. My kind of church for sure!! As I got up, I had several women bring me birthday cards, I was speechless. Which for anyone who knows me, knows that is not often. As I walked back to get a snack, more cards. I come back to my seat and there laid another card. Then we had our preachin and some cheesie jokes from our pastor ( I can always count on him for a good laugh, sometimes it is with him, sometimes at him). It was Communion Sunday. We had some wonderful prayer time waiting for the plates to be passed. We had to leave right after church, Sweet Man has a job he is working on. On the way to the car, you guessed it, more cards. 16 cards total. My sister sent a package and told me I could not open it until my birthday.

So here I sit, another year older, another year of memories and some regrets. My goal is as each year passes to have more and more memories and fewer regrets.
Now I sit and patiently wait to open the cards and my presents on my birthday, my heart is full of gratitude, not for the cards and presents in themselves. For no one forgetting my birthday. And for so many that took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday.
Moments like these do much to fill those holes.
I am blessed…..
Peace, Love and EnJoy

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