Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Love is a choice

People are often mistaken that love is a feeling, love is not a feeling it is a choice. We get feelings from our choices. Our minds can make us do crazy things, so can our hearts. But our minds are actually in control of our hearts. After being married almost 28 years, I can tell you that you have to wake each day with the choice to love.

Whether it be your spouse, your co workers, the stranger who just ran over into your foot with a shopping cart. As your mind makes up to love, your heart becomes full and the love is so natural.

I get to wake up next to the most amazing man each morning. I thank God for each day He gives me with him. Is every day perfect, no way! Is every word kind, Nope! But through that, we love. There are days he surprises me. Valentine’s was one of those days.
Log Home Dad, my Sweet Man, had to work. He left early. I got up as usual, went to the bathroom (that is the first thing women have to do at my age), then stopped at my sink to wash my hands and this is what I saw, a hand written note on top of a box:

What in the world? I thought for a few minutes and could not place what it was. As I opened the box and lifted back the tissues, yep you guessed it, the tears came.

A month or so ago, I was at Epcot with LHD and my girls. We were in Mexico. They have this beautiful shop with handmade Crystals. Then there was a huge display of tiaras. I promptly said, that is what I need, I need a tiara!! Joking of course (maybe). That Sweet Man of mine, found time to go into Epcot, at first thinking it was Germany, then having to make his way back to Mexico when he realized he was mistaken. It took him 2 hours between parking, and walking in and around to find my tiara. I wore it proudly Valentine's and again on my birthday. I look at it sitting there and I just think of that love. Those choices that led us to this point in our marriage. When I say I am blessed, I mean it!

Valentine’s was a beautiful day with my entire family. 
My oldest and I made homemade Sushi Rolls!

Here are some of the fun items we exchanged for Valentine’s. I gave sweet man a basket full of reasons why I love him and the kids mason jars with Love.  

Although we show each other daily how much we love, 
we have fun on “special” days.

Peace, Love and EnJoy