Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monarch Stopping Place

Log Home Dad made me a beautiful flower bed just in the front of our home. Right before our Christmas party, I decided to trim the plants down a bit. I left the Milkweed because the flowers we so very pretty on top. They are about 4’ tall. 

Shortly after Christmas, he noticed a Monarch on them. What a treat in the winter! Then a couple of weeks later we noticed MANY Monarch Caterpillars! They really worked the milkweed over. 

 Suddenly last week we didn't see as many. I had thought maybe the birds got them. I happened to be on my porch and looked up at the trim on the house, there was a Chrysalis and another. Then my daughter started looking around and found 2 more on Mondo Grass. We decided to put them in a Ball Jar (these jars can be used for anything!). This morning as I was refilling my coffee I looked up and this is what I saw:

I am so thrilled to have captured this sweet transformation of God’s beauty.

Peace, Love and EnJoy

Update on February 27th, we still have many caterpillars making Chrysalis', here is one starting:

More on the Monarch:



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