Monday, September 22, 2014

Just Say No

So we all have birthdays, we all love to get gifts. We all love to celebrate. But why would some of us want to put our friends in an awkward position.
It all sounds great, that expensive restaurant sends you an email or a postcard wishing you happy birthday and a free dinner (with purchase of course). You think great, I get a free dinner, I will call a few friends to join me. Thing is, those dinners are $20-40 each. You might eat free but you are asking your friends to pay top dollar and bring a gift?? Ok maybe you didn’t ask them but how do you show up to someone’s birthday and not bring something. Then you sit down, you are no where near the birthday girl/boy, you don’t know anyone else, you are essentially eating either by yourself or with your spouse in a loud, overpriced restaurant to support your friend who whips out a coupon and you get to say hello and goodbye. I have been there, I have had to share a meal with my spouse to afford the dinner, only to walk away feeling used. But whose fault is that anyway. We made the choice to go but did our friend put us on the spot to even ask? Then we all secretly talk amongst ourselves how selfish it was for the birthday girl/boy to put is in the situation. Well I say we put ourselves there. Just say NO. Yes it was inconsiderate but isn’t it just as inconsiderate to go when you know how the outcome is going to be? 
I would much prefer a smaller gathering or a gathering at my home. I like to enjoy my friends. I like to know I did not put them in an awkward position. I am a natural giver, I never want to feel I took something from someone!
We have become such a yes society, it really is ok to say no. We can not be responsible if someone is offended if that was not our intentions. After all they did not think of offending us in asking.
So for the love of your friendship, save those free birthday dinners for you and your spouse or a close friend.
Stepping off Soap Box

Peace, Love and EnJoy


  1. I agree! I would want to make sure that it's something that everyone would have equal amounts of fun and interaction with each other.

  2. So true! I find that my cooking is often tastier than the restaurant meal! LOL. I too enjoy company, especially in the winter when the outside work slows down a bit.
    I have a link up every Sunday on my blog titled "First Day Praise." I'd love to invite you to stop over some Sunday or throughout the week to link up your list of thanks!
    Nice meeting another sister in the Lord!
    Love your blog, and will have to stop back often. ;)
    Mrs. C

    1. Thank would be wonderful Mrs. C, let me know ;)
      You have a blessed rest of your week...