Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Friday, FUNDAY

I HATE crowds, I hate rude people, I hate fighting over something. With that being said, I LOVE spending time with my girls. That is what Black Friday means to me. It is not about the TVs, Game Stations or Games. We do not set out with any expectations on merchandise, the only expectation is that we are going to have a great time together and we are going to most defiantly laugh at someone else’s expense. Usually the laughs come at seeing others get mad, upset or impatient.

We started our “tradition” 4 years ago. Prior to that, I had only Black Friday shopped once, and what I saw just made me sad. My girls were still small enough that we shopped at the big chain toy store. I got up at 4 am, went to the store and stood in a line that was already at least 100 people long. I looked over at the Large Chain Electronic store and the line was wrapping around the building with at least 200 people in that line. When I first got there, I saw someone I knew up ahead and went to talk to them. I was greeted by others with pure nastiest, they were assuming I was butting in line. After waiting an hour, I got inside. I saw people grabbing and running and yelling. I don’t even remember what I went for but I do remember that I left without buying a thing. I washed my hands on Black Friday or so I thought.

That was until the girls wanted to go. We made a rule that there was NO expectations! That if it got stressful we would just come home. We head out around 6am. Turns out we have a mall by us that has fell into a slow painful death. A death that they have brought onto themselves. In the mean while, it is the first stop on our Black Funday! We are able to hit the major mall stores and get everything we want without lines or crowds. And for every $100 your spend , you get a free $10 visa gift card. Win win!! 

The rest of the day is spent just doing whatever we want. Most times we end up at the High End Mall in Orlando and watch the people. We also hit up our favorite box store with a great big Target! Great deals, lots in stock and the 5% savings on Red Card. Win Win. Again, No expectations. Lunch has been a local Mexican Restaurant, never busy because it is not in the middle of the shopping district.

By the time we roll in at 9-10pm, we are wiped out. My feet are throbbing, back hurting, wallet a little bruised but my heart is happy. It has become a tradition that the girls and I have so very much enjoyed and I am blessed.

Let me offer a few tips:
·        Don’t shop on Thanksgiving Day, if we ban together and say NO, the retailers would not have a reason to be open and families would be together. NO amount of savings is worth the time you (or the workers) miss with your family. After all, in 5 years, will you remember what you bought? But you will have the joy of knowing you were with those you loved and workers did not miss time with theirs because of you

·        NO expectations

·        Plan your route, hit the stores you want to purchase something important to you first

·        If you get upset, leave, it is not worth it

·        Take the back roads to avoid the traffic

·        If you know what stores you are going to, google printable coupon for the store and I betcha you will be able to print one or several.

·        Split your orders up and use more than one coupon

·        Hit stores in low crowd shopping areas

·        Rest Often, don’t pressure yourself or anyone you are with

·        Have fun, smile at people, you may be the only smile they get that day!

Peace, Love and EnJoy

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