Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall, Our Favorite Time Of The Year

For Sweet Man and I, fall is our favorite season. It is a time for cuddling, hot cocoa, tea and coffees. It is a time for sweaters, campfires, blankets and sitting about enjoying the cool breezes. Most of all Fall reminds us of the place we most long to be, The Mountains. So it is no wonder that I decorate our Log Home for Fall as it was Christmas.

Even though in Florida, we are still hitting the high 80s in the middle of October, we are surrounded by the reminder of fall. Just looking around you can feel fall, maybe it has something to do with turning the thermostat down too ;)
I thought I would share with you our Log Home in the fall. 
We hope you enjoy, like we love to do.

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Has to be one of the most photographed places in the Smokies, what a view
Our Baby Girl, Sweet Man and I

The most smiles come 
in the least expected places

Sweet Man and I

Peace, Love and EnJoy

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