Friday, September 27, 2013

Mountain Fall Weddings

We live in Florida and are quite accustomed to beach weddings, which are beautiful. Since my heart is with the mountains, I love a mountain wedding. Sweet Man and I were just riding away last fall in North Carolina. No real destination. We are notorious for a day with no plans at all and see where we end up.

Such was a day in October of 2012. We saw a beautiful area that we thought was a park. Turns out it was a subdivision but at the front of the subdivision was a beautiful old farm house. It is actually a glorious business. They not only provide a magnificent location for weddings but they offer artisan food and farm kitchen culinary classes. They even have a package where you can spend the night in one of their lovely suites. It is called the Inn at Little Pond Farm. The owners invited us in for a tour, the kitchens are a dream! There was to be a wedding that was set up for the afternoon. The  bride graciously allowed us to take a multitude of pictures ( I sent her copies of), at which I am going to include each one because it was such a charming, simple fall wedding and reception. Simple yet with just right touches that made you warm. I was wishing at this point I was a guest at this joyous occasion. I am sure by the time we left that they were ready to call security to come get us. I seriously could have spent all day there. Please enjoy all the pictures. I hope you can envision yourself sitting under the trees with your blanket and a large cup of hot tea or cocoa.
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Peace, Love and EnJoy

The Inn

Welcoming Table

Blankets for the Guests


Antique postcards of all the places they and their family have visited

Reception Area

The Prairie Homestead


  1. This is so awesome.......outside fall wedding....a chill in the air but warmness all around...:)...........Marty

    1. Thanks Marty, it was a really pretty setting. And yes, the guests I am sure used the blankets.

  2. Beautiful way to have a wedding, keeping it in mind for my next one.

    1. Oh yes, Abi's favorite time of the year is fall, she has already talked about it!!