Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rain Lilies

It can get super hot in Central Florida. Which means that lawns turn crispy in the summer. One thing that brightens the day is seeing the rain lilies pop up. Over the years, I dig them up from the lawn and plant them in beds. This means I have groups of them all over. You should try it!!


  1. I don't believe it!! We have a little patch in our backyard where these pop up every year. I never know when to expect them, and I'm not back there too often, but it's always a nice little surprise to see them when they do! They must have been planted by the folks we bought our house from. How sweet!

    1. They are wild, not planted. We have them pop up in all areas. And they have little "babies" so it is easy to propagate. Just dig up and put them in a bed, they are a bulb and super easy to transplant!