Thursday, December 20, 2018

Refurbished Dry Sink in Bath

I have been wanting to refurbish this dry sink for as long as I have had it. Probably 15 years now. I acquired this piece at an antique store. A man had made it for his wife and she had passed away and it ended up in someone’s booth at the antique store. I felt it was my duty to bring it home.
 About a year ago I bought all of the supplies to chalk paint it and put it off. Well I finally took the time to complete it. It only took a a couple of days and we are thrilled with the results. I washed the entire surface with just soap and water. Allowing it to dry, I then painted the chalk paint on, black, two coats. 
I watched lots of videos and then under advice of sanding after the waxing I continued. It was suggested because it would not create as much dust. That is debatable. And I still had to wax after again. So next time I will not do that. I will wax at the end. I distressed only with a sanding block. LOVE everything about it. What do you think?

I hope you Loved it too!!
Peace, Love and EnJoy

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