Monday, January 20, 2014

Things 2013 Taught Me

"Always take the road less traveled, it will bring you to places you would have never seen" LHM
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If your year didn’t teach you something, was it all for nothing? I don’t believe “anything” is for “nothing”. Whether it be trials or joys, we have to take something away from the situation. Sometimes it feels like we just can’t handle another day, but we have a great promise in our Creator that we will bear suffering but there is always a way out. He tells us that our time lost will be replaced to the fullest. So in the midst of suffering, remember there will be a clearing and it will be wonderful. Just as spring comes out of winter, we will come out of our suffering.
This year has been one of trials and great joys.

We learned we are going to be grandparents for the first time, which is an amazing feeling! I can’t tell you how very excited we are for this next chapter of firsts. 

The Belly and The Man behind the Belly

I love being involved in everything. My daughter is not having the best of pregnancies. She has been sick form almost the beginning right up until the writing of this post, 25 weeks. I am so very proud of how she is handling it. She is finding great joy in the midst of the suffering, she knows what a blessing this baby is and that the suffering is short lived in the grand picture of this precious life. Her and our SIL has graciously allowed us to partake in the preparation of our grandson. We are so very grateful and love every minute. My heart breaks as I have held her hair when she has been sick, I am in full mommy mode making her hot tea and her favorite foods. I am enjoying the process of hosting her baby shower and am looking forward to the arrival of baby Danny! To say our grandson will be spoiled, would be a severe understatement. Glammy is ready!!

Mommy, Glammy and Glambaby

We have had a tough year with our business, yet we have survived. It is not easy owning a small business in this season our country is in. Everything inside of us wants to give up. After 20+ years of having our own business, it is a daily struggle to keep going. If you are one of our customers, thank you! We so appreciate your investment in the worth of our services. We appreciate the loyalty, the commitment and the love you have bestowed upon us as a business but also as a family.
You are our investors and we are very grateful and humbled.

I have learned that sometimes relationships cannot always be what you have hoped they were. And not only do you need to burn the bridge but you need to forge a new path. Just like the turning of seasons, our lives have seasons with people. Sometimes those seasons are turned into glorious flowers of spring but sometimes they will stay in the trials of winter, at which times we must decide if it is healthy for everyone involved to continue.

Just because someone is in leadership position, we can never put them on a pedestal. Those we think are leaders could be a church head, in charge of missions, ministries, your boss, an actress or artist, etc. They are people, people fail. God should be on that Pedestal. God never fails!

I have fallen in love over and over again with Sweet Man this year, he is my biggest encourager and the one who builds me up the most (as it should be). Each day I look forward to his return. Throughout the day we talk and text. I feel like a school girl when I see his name on my phone. I am blessed each day I wake beside him. He is most certainly my greatest blessing.
I pray I do enough to let him know that.

Sweet Man and I

I have realized that our children are our greatest legacy and in the end, they (that relationship) are what matters the most. I am starting to see the traditions being carried on by my girls. I am starting to see that the little things I have done are the big things in their eyes. I am starting to see that they treasure the traditions I started. I am starting to see what has been there all along.

I know that even though people let us down, that God will always be there! When we cry out, who hears? Does our friends notice? Do they call if they suspect something or do they run to others and carry on idle gossip? Are they friends indeed or friends in feed, feeding on peoples trials or lives. If they are a friend indeed, they will call, they will check in, they will talk TO you and not ABOUT you. I put my trust in very few people, some of those I have learned I should not have done that but how would I know if I didn’t do it? It is something God has shown me in that HE is the one trust goes to.
2013 taught me to be a strong person, dependant upon God fully. Although I will fall short of that, He will always remain. Thanking Him for His grace and understanding.
As I am finally able to put aside 2013, here is a sampling of the ending to our year….

Our First Christmas Ornament



Daddy and his baby girl

Happy 2014

Here's to another year of new adventures and a glorious Spring and few trials. May God bless us all according to His perfect will.
Peace, Love and EnJoy

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