Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things I learned in 2012

Although at times we all go through the stage thinking we know it all and there is not possibly anything else we can learn. I however am humbled each year as I reflect in the lessons the year brought to my life. And 2012 is no different…. 

I learned that 25 years with the man I love and God chose me to spend my life with is far too short. I want more, he has made me want more. I am a blessed woman in love. Not that 25 years has not shown us struggles, but those struggles has made us the power couple (my word) we are today. And not that we don’t and won’t have more struggles, but they become easier to handle. I can tell you that with God, our marriage is the strongest it ever has been. I can not wait to see him when he comes home, I still get like a nervous school girl getting ready for our regular date nights. I blush when he compliments me. He is the first person I call when I have good or bad news. I go to him for advice or to just listen to me. When he hurts, I hurt. When he is trying something new, I have my pompoms ready. When he needs encouragement, I am there. He is without question, my bestest friend. If you can’t or won’t say those things about your spouse, I suggest you find out why. You should, no question.

I learned that raising 2 beautiful girls went by way faster than I could have ever imagined. On those days that seem longer than you wished, cherish the length. You can never get the time back. Make the most of every opportunity as a mom. Go to their games, just because they are a teenager, it is not any less important that you show up for their games, concerts or plays. As a matter of fact, from the perspective of a parent being there, I can see the let down on kids faces whose parents don’t show up. I can tell you SEVERAL times, I had teenagers say to me, "you are so cool, my mom would never do that". Make the time.  Do it, and don’t complain when  you don’t know who this child is that you let other people raise (or they raise themselves).

 I learned that no matter how many coasters you have, people just don’t know what they are. And not to get upset about the ring spots all over your wood tables and benches, this means that they were not taught differently ( :P ) and that you have friends to make ring spots all over the wood furniture.

I learned that if my mommy radar goes off. I need to listen to it and not let others influence it. God gives us discernment, use it!! How many times have we heard the phrase “if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck, it is probably a duck?”.

I learned that even when you have bad news, that there is always someone worse off than you. Turn your bad news into good news. Yes, this is the problem but it could have been worse. Figure out what to do to make it better. Here’s a novel idea, ask God. Prayer is the answer, but you have to be still and wait for His whispers.

I learned that no matter your ministry, it is no less important than anyone else’s. If God has called you, who is man to say it isn’t so or it isn’t as important as theirs? Don’t let others discourage your calling. You ultimately answer to God. And that if that ministry is not for the glory of God and it is for selfish reasons, God will take care of that. Not in our time of course, because His timing is perfect!

I learned that you don’t have to do everything, and if you are doing something because you are afraid of saying no, you are doing it for the wrong reason. Ask yourself “how is this glorifying God and building the kingdom?” Make it to His glory. Saying no is OK. It is best to say no, then to not give it your 100% effort or your devotion. I am a big believer that if you make a commitment, you need to do it with all of your ability.

I learned that being in a foreign country on a mission trip and going on an adventure with no guidance is not for me. The worse that could happen? I would get to meet Jesus! But I am just not ready to meet him and be scared out of my wits in the process. SO stay with your group.

I learned that if you have a problem, you need to express that in a loving way. You need to address it quickly and not let it linger. Relationships are never the same when you hold off on addressing it. You cannot control how someone else acts or reacts. You need to use prayer as your biggest tool.

I learned that we can heal from offenses done to us when we are but precious children. With God you can forgive and minister to others. If you do not use your testimony to help others, it was for nothing. I refuse to believe that anything God sees us through is for nothing. He loves us and wants us whole and wants us to aid in healing others.

I learned that you can love something that weighs under a pound so much that you burst with joy. And that little soul brings you so much pleasure that you would have laughed at if someone had told you ahead of time.

I learned that you need to make memories every chance you get. If your life and what you did or did not do looks the same as it did the last year then do something to change that. Those last minute camping trips, theater dates or zipline adventures makes the memories. Not sitting night after night, day after day watching tv, reading, sleeping, etc… Get out and do something.

My most important lesson? Let go and Let God. Once you do this, the peace you feel is amazing. Worry can do nothing but cause more stress. God has this, and He wants you to know and show to others that He has it. It is all His and all in His time anyway.

So here is to 2013, making more memories, making more friends and making more disciples.

 Peace, Love and EnJoy  

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