Wednesday, September 26, 2012

25 Years Of Marriage to My Best Friend

Danny and I met when I was 16 and just starting my Jr Year in High School. I was so taken by him, who wouldn’t be, look at this cupcake:

We were so young and I never thought I would be sitting here 27 years later talking about our marriage of 25 years. 25 years, that was like forever away!!! I lived for NOW. Not LATER. There are days I feel like our life together has been a flash, but then I reminisce about the years and think we have come so far, done so much, seen so much, heard so much. How could we have done all this in 25 short years?

The grandest of all, is through the ups and downs (seriously people, I am NOT perfect, we have had our downs) God has seen to it to keep us together. I say God because that is what I truly believe in my heart. We could not have possibly done it ourselves. When you can not explain it, it is God. We were not always saved, we did not always go to church. Neither of us grew up in Christian homes, we had no idea what a relationship with Him was. We heard of God and believed in Him but did not follow Him. So when something happens that is a miracle, He must get all the Glory.  God does get the glory in our marriage. I thank Him so much for being with us, especially when we were not with him.

Neither of us had an example of a loving marriage either. I saw and endured abuse, verbal, mental, physical and sexual. I went to bed many nights afraid, I had such a skewed idea of home and marriage. We both grew up knowing suffering and pain. I knew what it was like to go to bed hungry at night, I knew what it was like to be scared and lonely. I grew up being a mom to my siblings. Parents many times mimic what they were taught or what they saw, I am proud to say that we broke the mold of brokenness. Not right away of course, but we did. Never would I have thought life could be different, I could be saved. Saved by more than one definition.

Anyone who knows me, knows I say that if it was not Danny, I would have married someone. I so desperately wanted to get out of my house that I would have married ANYONE!! But I thank God every day that it was Danny. I also am VERY vocal in the FACT that Danny, well he IS Prince Charming. Period, the end! He rescued me. He rescued me from many things, but mostly he rescued me and gave me a life I am most blessed with. Has those 25 years been perfect, no way! Have we always been kind and loving toward each other, heck no!! Have we for a second thought about giving up, yeppers! But we didn’t and what a testimony that is!!!

I can not tell you the times we have cried together (yes my man can cry with me, for me and unfortunately because of me), laughed together and been silent in each others presence. The walks, the talks, the drives, the snuggles, the hugs, the kisses (YUM), and I can go on and on. We, although not perfectly, have lived the dream. The dream of love, family, perseverance, watching each other reach our salvation with our creator and savior. We are watching our beautiful girls grow into magnificent Women of God. We hope in a small way that we have aided and not hindered that!

Even knowing now the pain we have had over the 25 years, I would not trade a second. It has turned me into the woman he deserves. It has made us stronger than I would have ever imagined. I am so grateful for my Prince, I am so grateful he came into the pits of ashes and picked me up and carried me away. I am grateful he saw in me something that took me many years to see in myself. I am grateful that I get at least another 25 years with him. I am grateful that God has loved us enough to put us together and let us be a vessel to help others.

So here is to the privilege of having 2 gorgeous daughters together, all of the hikes in the mountains, the cool nights together with a cup of coffee in our hands, the awe of seeing God’s wonders in each others presence, the days, nights, weekends spent on the soccer fields, the blessing of working side by side together, the nights of going to sleep next to each other and God giving us “one more day” together.

Thank you God for all of the togethers, 
I can not wait to see what else we can do two gather

We are BLESSED!!!


  1. This is so beautiful. What a wonderful testimony <3

    1. Geesh, I wrote that last year and I reread it just now with tears streaming down my face. I count my blessings everyday for this sweet man.
      Thank you <3